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2nd Half Gamethread: Kentucky at Tennessee

Can the Cats overcome the odds and get the W?

New Mexico State v Kentucky Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

After careening out to an early lead that left Neyland gasping, Kentucky finds itself in another brutal grind of a game. At the half, Tennessee lead 21-13, which is a steep but not impossible hill for Kentucky to climb. Injuries on both sides could turn this thing into a war of attrition, and that might prove disastrous for the Cats.

How can UK turn this frown upside down?

  1. We need to protect Stephen Johnson better so he can get some critically needed passes complete. Enough with the sacks!
  2. Gameclock management! Can’t remember this many delays of game, and self-inflicted wounds are proving to be cumulative.
  3. No more injuries. Westry and Badet? Ouch! (I realize this is uncontrollable, but at the same time losing 2 impact players hurts a lot.)
  4. For our WRs to successfully receive. We’ve lost several vital posessions due to a plague of dropsies.
  5. Attack, Attack, Attack Josh Dobbs. Shut him down, force some panic, whatever it takes.

We knew this game would be a battle, and it’s proving to be a doozy. But this squad has shown us it will fight like crazy, and I still think this is in reach.

‘Til the Battle Is Won - let’s do this, Cats!