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Kentucky Football: A Sea of Blue & Rocky Top Talk Podcast

Keith and Will got together to discuss the game between Kentucky and Tennessee coming up on Saturday with a very light sprinkling of basketball.

I got to spend a little over 20 minutes with Will from Rocky Top Talk and we had a blast discussing this weekend's game.

Check it out below as we discuss the following:

  • What caused the turnaround from the first two games and how bad was it
  • Benny Snell
  • How Much 'Wildcat' will we see Saturday
  • What has caused the Defense to recover
  • Is Rich Brooks playing with 'House Money' now?
  • Back to Going to a Bowl!!
  • Does Big Blue Nation feel like the Rich Brooks days are coming back
  • Does BBN think they can be annual contenders in the "down" East
  • Brief Breakdown of the Basketball 'Cats and how happy opposing fans are to see Tyler Ulis in the NBA
  • What will UT do well Saturday and what does UK NEED to happen to win

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