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Kentucky Correspondence: A Wildcats mailbag

Behold, the start of a new series answering your questions.

Maryland Island Community Could Lose Post Office As USPS Considers Shuttering Offices Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

You’ve got questions. I’ve got answers.

Starting this week, A Sea of Blue is going to be starting a mailbag series that answers questions from our loyal, inquisitive readers. Each week, I’ll collect whatever questions you may have, answering them in a weekly post that I hope will sate your curiosity.

Feel free to ask about anything from Kentucky basketball’s upcoming season to Kentucky football’s surprisingly good season to my Oscar picks for 2017.

If you do have a question you want to ask, be sure to tweet them to me before next Saturday, November 5th!

You can tweet questions to me using the button below or simply sending them to @Morrisoncrying. Or, if you don’t have a Twitter account but still want to get a question to me, feel free to email me at

Ask away!