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2nd Half Gamethread: Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt

After 2 quarters, Kentucky leads by 2 touchdowns. Can the Cats hold on and walk out of Commonwealth with a much needed SEC victory?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Cats opened with a roar, scoring early and fighting hard to hold the 'Dores to just three points in 30 minutes. How can they make sure they add another W to the season?

First half observations:

  • I know it's windy in Lexington (per Yahoo, 11 mph) but that doesn't explain the number of near misses and almost interceptions Stephen Johnson has suffered today. Not entirely sure what the issue is - shaken confidence, poor play calling, or what - but Kentucky frankly cannot win a game on running alone.
  • Defense continues to improve under Stoops' steady hand. They've come a very long way since Southern Miss.
  • Our Running Backs look strong. Seen great work from Jojo, Boom and Benny in the first half.
  • Special Teams looks pretty good today.  That recovered fumble early really did a number on Vandy'a confidence, and definitely boosted spirits on the good guys' sideline.
  • We cannot keep shooting ourselves in the foot. Illegal substitutions, holding calls: just need that nonsense to stop. (Vandy, feel free to ignore the game clock as much as you wish.)

Get ready to watch a serious knock down, drag out grind in the second half. Keep cheering, BBN, our boys are depending on you!