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GAMETHREAD: Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt

Can the Cats get their second SEC win of the season?

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Kentucky
Benny Snell: the man, the myth, the future.
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Raise your hand if you’re still fluxmoxed over how the heck Kentucky lost to Vandy last year in Nashville. (Waves right hand sadly in the air)

Now raise your hand if you’d love to see the Cats avenge that loss in spectacular fashion today in Lexington. (Waves every hand wildly)

As someone on this blog so eloquently said this week, this is the most important game of Mark Stoops’ tenure at UK. As I’m typing this, College Gameday on Sirius is currently speculating which coaches are on the hot seat. I’ll be shocked if HCMS’s name doesn’t surface. If the Cats can’t pull off a W today, I think the rumbling will increase by an order of magnitude. If the Cats do win, the rumbling won’t die down but at least it shouldn’t get any louder.

What should we expect to see at Commonwealth today?:

  • A serious defensive battle. My early season prediction was a blowout, but based on the Commodores’ performance thus far, I think points will be few and far between.
  • This game may also be the most important one of Stephen Johnson’s career at Kentucky. Johnson had some serious mis-steps against Alabama, but if he can recover and play efficiently today that will speak volumes as to his future at QB.
  • I still think we see Boom and Jojo early, with Benny coming out in the second half to try and stymie the Vandy defense....unless Ralph Webb starts putting up big numbers against our defense early, in which case all bets are off.
  • An awesome halftime show highlighting UK’s Alumni band. (Sorry, I just had to.)

There is a lot at stake today for Kentucky, and we need every member of BBN cheering them on. Hope to see you here at 4 PM EDT!