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John Calipari ‘a lock’ to be Kentucky Basketball coach 4-5 more years

Terrible news...for the rest of college basketball.

2016 Naismith Awards Brunch Photo by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images

John Calipari isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, at least in terms of coaching.

Coach Cal told ESPN he will be the head man of Kentucky Basketball for at least four more years. In fact, Cal went as far as to say he’s a lock to be here 4-5 more years.

That’s not much of a surprise after his son, Brad Calipari, decided to join UK as a walk-on, which all but assured Cal of staying for at least four more seasons.

"My son's now here so my son's walking on, I'm not gonna leave," the 57-year-old Calipari said. "I would say four to five years is a lock and then after that, [shoot], I may be hanging it up. At that point I'd be 60, 61. I never thought I would coach past the age of 60 because I'm not ... basketball isn't my life."

Cal did talk about the constant NBA rumors and even admitted he’d be interested in one...if he didn’t currently have a job.

"It would be believable if I didn't have this job," Calipari said. "There are coaches who come through here from the NBA. They say he'd be crazy to come into this league. He's got everything he needs right there. Why would he? It wouldn't be about finances."

None of this is surprising to hear. We all knew Cal was essentially locked into the UK job for several more years once Brad came to Lexington. Cal is probably just confirming it publicly to help squash any NBA rumors that opposing coaches try to use in recruiting against Cal.