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Cats win 35-21 over Mizzou! Post-Game CELEBRATION!

Four, count them, FOUR SEC wins this season!

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Today's game was never really in doubt, which was a LOVELY change of pace on how our season has gone thus far. So much to celebrate in today's performance, but let's look at the main points:

  • Kudos to Benny Snell and Boom Williams. It would be hard to identify a better pair of RBs right now. They put their heads down and got the W. Normally I'd say they get the game ball but honestly I think that honor goes to....
  • The O-Line. They were simply phenomenal today.
  • Defense continues to respond and thrive under Stoops. Jordan Jones had another awesome game.
  • The Trainers, because they were BUSY. From Boom's whiplash to Denzel's bell getting rung, there was an awful lot of medic work taking place.
  • Coach Stoops and the entire staff. From game one to now was a heck of a turn around. Congratulations, you guys deserve this W!

Share your thoughts and initial impressions here as we celebrate our 5th win of the season, and dream heady thoughts of what could be in the post-season.