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John Petty reschedules visit with Kentucky Basketball; sets decision date

John Petty won't be in Lexington this coming weekend.

Nike/Jon Lopez


John Petty has now set his decision day for Nov. 10, according to Garrett Tucker:

This would come during the early signing period, which is expected to include a signature from Petty to whichever school he picks.


It looks like John Petty won't be visiting the Kentucky Wildcats this weekend.

According to ESPN's Jeff Borzello, Petty is looking to reschedule his official visit with UK, which was originally set to take place the weekend of Oct. 28.

It doesn't sound like this is bad news for UK since Petty already has another date planned for his visit. He's expected to commit and sign with a school soon after he visits UK.

It's usually good news when a school gets the final visit with a recruit before he makes his decision, and all signs continue to point towards the Wildcats being the pick here. Alabama is still in the running, but UK should be the pick as long as they accept his commitment this fall, even though they're recruiting a host of guards/wings in 2017.