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2nd Half Gamethread: Kentucky vs. Mississippi State

Can the Cats turn it around and claim a much needed win?

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

What opened with so much promise wrapped up with so little. The Cats end the first 30 minutes trailing 6-14, against a Bulldog team that really isn't as good as that score indicates.

This is a critical game for Kentucky in many ways. How can they turn it around in the second half?:

  • The world hasn't seen this many self-inflicted wounds since German youth tried to avoid being drafted into the Wehrmacht. Drops, sacks, field goal attempts bonking off the uprights, you name it, it's happened. Not sure what the solution is but I suggest an exorcism in the locker room.
  • Stephen Johnson needs to calm down. He looked really good in the opening drive, but since then has been playing a little scared. The O-Line needs to help their man out, but Stephen needs to be more aware of oncoming defensive penetration in the pocket.
  • Commonwealth needs to turn it up a notch or ten. BBN is way, way, way too quiet tonight. This game is not out of reach.

We can do this. We NEED to do this. Hold onto your drinks, Wildcat fans, I anticipate a wild final half.