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Trae Young and family had a really good visit with Kentucky Basketball

Those tea leaves sure keep turning up blue in Trae Young’s recruitment.

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Trae Young may have not made a college pick yet, but his father made it pretty clear the family is happy Young ultimately comes to Kentucky.

The Wildcats continue to battle the Oklahoma Sooners in this recruitment, and Young has made it clear staying home to play for the big in-state school is a real option for him.

However, passing up on a chance to be John Calipari’s No. 1 point guard is hard for anyone to pass on, and that’s been the case for over a year now. Cal has made Young his No. 1 priority for a 2017 point guard long enough that UK has been the favorite for awhile now.

This past weekend, Young and his family took an official visit to Lexington as part of Big Blue Madness weekend. After the visit, T.J. Walker caught up with Trae’s father, Ray Young, to discuss how the trip went.

Ray didn’t exactly make it a secret that the Young family are very happy with UK if that’s where Trae ends up.

"It couldn't have been any better," Ray said. "It was pretty cool seeing everything, but actually the best thing was my wife was able to see everything. We were there last year for Big Blue Madness. But she was really comfortable with everything. She liked what she saw.

“She feels even better now knowing that she was there. She knows where he'll be staying, where classes are, how the whole process will go. She felt really good about that. She would hate for her son to pick any school and she hadn't been on the campus yet."

The ‘knows’ part seems to indicate the family ‘knows’ where Trae is going to college, but maybe it’s nothing.

The same could also be said for Ray just tossing out there that his son wants to make an announcement in a similar fashion that current UK point guard De’Aaron Fox did.

"I think he wants to do the ESPN thing," Ray said. "He wants to do what De'Aaron did last year."

It seems odd that Ray would just coincidentally mention how a UK player made his announcement in comparison to what his son will do, but again, it may just been coincidence. It certainly helps that Trae and De’Aaron already have a close relationship.

While Young was in Kentucky this past weekend, it looks like he caught some of the NBA preseason game in Louisville that featured Karl-Anthony Towns and the Timberwolves taking on the Heat.

There was also this interesting Twitter discussion by Kyle Tucker and Oscar Combs about Calipari during last week’s UK Media Day, where Cal sounded like he was recruiting more than previewing his upcoming team...

As Oscar points out, Young did in fact retweet Tucker...because tweets and retweets are how we solve recruiting mysteries now...

Joking aside, no matter how you look at this recruitment, you can’t ignore that the signs consistently point to UK, so hopefully the actual decision does as well.

Young has previously said that he would like to watch the teams on his list play some this coming season before making a decision and has mentioned December as a possible announcement month.

If Young makes his decision this fall, expect it to be UK, but you probably gathered that by now.