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Kentucky Basketball 2016-17 Media Guide

Every year, the UK releases a Kentucky Basketball encyclopedia known as the media guide, and the 2016-17 version is now out.

Whether it’s in-depth profiles of every player and coach, personal details about each current player (Malik Monk chose No. 5 because God made animals on the fifth day and he loves animals), or even season recaps of the championship-winning seasons, this guide has seemingly everything you could hope to find about Kentucky Basketball.

It’s also just about everything you’ll need to get ready for the upcoming season, which begins Friday night when Big Blue Madness 2016 tips off and the newest edition of Kentucky Basketball is finally on display in Rupp Arena.

Here is the media guide for viewing here:

And here is the link to download it for yourself. These are not available for purchase, but you pretty much can own in digitally.

What is your favorite part of the guide?