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GAMETHREAD: Kentucky at Alabama

Fresh off their first SEC win of the season, the Cats head to Titletown. What will we see from Kentucky today?

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

I normally try and open a game thread with positive thoughts, references to how we might win, random historical facts, or really anything I can think of to get the gamethread kicked off on a high note.

I’m not going to waste your time with that today. Alabama, the #1 team in the country and defending national champions, will probably win today. And they’ll probably win by a lot - the current point spread is 35 points. To be honest, I’m surprised it isn’t more.

So why on earth would a Kentucky fan tune in to watch what will likely be a very one-sided game? Because we want to see how this squad will react to such adversity. Will they fold like they did in the Swamp? Or will they fight like crazy for 60 minutes, determined to show that while they may be down against such an opponent they will never be out?

Will Stephen Johnson continue to produce in the QB slot? Will he have a chance to utilize Kentucky’s best weapons on the ground, namely our running backs? Will our O-Line protect Stephen so he can live to play another day? (Sorry, can’t stop remembering what happened to our QB the last time these squads faced off.) Will our defense, who roared back so magnificently last week, continue to improve? Will Chris Westry attempt another insane “tackle”?

And possibly the most important question of all, will Kentucky football play like we know they can, and be able to shake off a hard loss, while continuing to improve?

Only one way to know. Join us here at ASoB at 7 EDT while we cheer the Cats on, maybe not to victory, but at least to lessons that lead to future wins.