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John Calipari posts message on Kentucky Basketball's struggles; "THAT’S ON ME!"

When it comes to UK's struggles, John Calipari wants you to know, "THAT’S ON ME!"

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Few expected the Kentucky Wildcats to enter their third SEC game having lost three games to unranked opponents, and that's led some to speculate as to what exactly is wrong with this preseason top-ranked team.

It's also led to a lot of unfair criticism and attacks on certain players who aren't living up to the preseason expectations said talking heads placed upon this team full of freshman and guys who spent more time on the bench than on the court in previous seasons.

The noise has gotten loud enough that head coach John Calipari felt compelled to issue a message on his website that, in essence, tells everyone to chill out and point the finger at him.

We’ve taken steps forward and back this year. At the end of the day, this falls on me as the coach – not individual players – to transform this group to where we’re trying to go. Their job is to be enthusiastic, to play hard, to play physical, to be loose and to have fun. They control that.

This transformation begins with a coach’s vision of what the team and individuals’ best version looks like, and having an unrelenting will to have the team work toward that vision. They must buy in! Eventually, the team feels empowered because they "get it" and can play together with a common goal. They accept roles, they have fun playing and they look for incremental improvement daily.

I believe in this team of players. We have to work toward empowering them. THAT’S ON ME!

Read the full message here, and then go take a chill pill and step off the ledge. This team will be fine as long as they stay the course, just like nearly all of Cal's UK teams have been.