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Dominique Hawkins injury update

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats appear to have avoided a major injury with junior guard Dominique Hawkins,

During Saturday's win over Ole Miss, Hawkins injured his leg during the first half of the Cats' 83-61 win over the Rebels. He was trying to defend an Ole Miss player driving to the rim, but came down hard on his leg and grabbed his ankle while writhing in pain before having to be helped to his feet.

After being carried off the court while being unable to put weight on the ankle, Hawkins was then wheel-chaired back to the locker room to have x-rays done, which revealed no breaks. Head coach John Calipari said he thought Hawk would be fine, and at today's SEC Coaches Teleconference, he offered a brief update on Hawk's health:

"I don’t right now, but he did not practice yesterday. We’re going to practice at 12:30, I’ll see if he’s practicing then. He may not. I can’t imagine he would, but maybe he will."

There hasn't been an official word on the exact injury Hawkins is dealing with, but his mother did post on social media that her son suffered "a minor bone contusion." While it's yet to be determined how long he's out for, don't expect Hawk to play Tuesday night at LSU.