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Wildcats Quickies: Boogie Nights Edition

How about DeMarcus Cousins lately, Blake Griffin beats up a manager, Earth is round, right? Plus more quickies for your humpday.

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Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Our guy DeMarcus Cousins has been dominating the NBA in 2016 so far, and it culminated in back to back games totaling 100 points or more and 25 rebounds or more.  The only people to do that are a guy named Michael Jordan, David Robinson, and Antwan Jamison... pretty solid company.


Cousins is a knucklehead sometimes but the juice is certainly worth the squeeze with him.  He is the best big man in basketball right now (although healthy Anthony Davis and future Karl Towns may have a say in that too) and he is on the verge of forcing people to respect his play and give him the proper credit.



  • Kentucky takes on the Missouri Tigers tonight at 9:00 on the SEC Network. The 'Cats are favored by 17.5 points in what SHOULD be a great game to tune up for Saturday's battle in Lawrence against the Jayhawks.  While we have improved, we are not to a point where we can sleepwalk through any game and win.  Here is hoping the 'Cats do not get caught looking ahead.

  • Former 'Cat Bud Dupree has been officially named to the 2015-16 NFL All-Rookie Team.  Dupree ended the year with 26 tackles, 6 in the postseason, 4 sacks, and 1 blocked field goal.  By the end of the season Dupree was one of the leaders in snaps on the field for Pittsburgh.
  • The Kentucky Softball team will begin the 2016 season ranked #18 in the nation.
  • You know by now that Kentucky beat Tennessee in Women's hoops two nights ago, what you may not know is that Makayla Epps blew up with 14 points in the 3rd quarter to help spur the win.  She went off and pulled a victory form the jaws of defeat.  Yesterday morning on a sports talk show in Knoxville, a talking head named Jeff Jacoby decided to not pull any punches (literally) when discussing his disdain for Epps.  I live in Knoxville and have listened to their show in the past, it is pretty terrible and I can never make it more than 5 minutes before I prefer silence.

Jacoby: "Wish we had changed it in the third quarter. [Laugh] You know, who knows. That's one of those players where, if she plays for you, you love her, and if she plays for the other team, you just want to put your fist through her face."

Harrington: "Whoa..."

Doc: "Well, I..." [Nervous laughter]

Jacoby: "I'm sorry, that's exactly — she is so — she gets that little head bob thing going on. I'm sorry, I have no place for that."

  • Shaquille O'Neal for some reason decided to answer a question of his time at LSU with the following response:  "Yes, they paid very well. Statute of limitations is up. I can talk about it...That's right baby, LSU." He has since said that he was joking, but the people conducting the interview feel he was speaking sincerely.  No matter if it is true or not... WHY?  Why even say something like that Shaq?
  • Blake Griffin has been accused of basically beating up a Clippers team manager in Toronto, breaking his hand and is out 4-6 weeks.  The story is that Griffin and the manager got into an argument and Griffin decked him.  Then the manager went outside and supposedly Griffin followed him to deck him again.  Not a good look for the big man.
  • Cam Newton is a straight up winner on the football field, pure and simple.  He could end up being the only Quarterback in Football History to Win a National Title, Heisman Trophy, Super Bowl, and NFL MVP in his life.

  • RIP Abe VIgoda... the actor has passed away at the age of 94 years old.  Vigoda was well known as Tessio in 'The Godfather' movies among many other parts.

  • If you have not seen the movie 'Creed' yet, make it appointment viewing soon.  I have watched that damn movie 4 times now and love it every time.  Michael B. Jordan does an amazing job as Adonis Creed and well, it is just a great flick, go and thank me later.

  • Two days ago I ran across something on Twitter (and KSR discussed it yesterday) that enthralled me and I spent hours following.  Rapper B.o.B went on a twitter diatribe claiming the moon landing was faked and the Earth was really flat.  He was not trolling people either, he really believes it.  If you want a good laugh, check out @bobatl and just check the timeline.  The best part about the whole ordeal is that Neil deGrasse Tyson got involved and tried to talk some sense into him.  To no avail, however, Tyson decided to have a 'diss track' made and released (not kidding) it to take a shot at B.o.B. and those who think the world is flat.