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Dominique Hawkins suffers injury setback

This is another tough break for the junior guard.

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like the Kentucky Wildcats won't be getting Dominique Hawkins back as soon as they had hoped.

Head coach John Calipari revealed during his Monday call-in show that Hawkins suffered a minor setback during practice. Cal didn't make it sound as though it was serious, but considering it's the same ankle that he suffered a high ankle sprain on almost three weeks ago.

"Dom was really good today, and he kinda hurt his ankle," Calipari said. "I don’t know how bad, but he hurt it again. That high ankle sprain is ugly, and it’s one that just takes time to heal.  Hopefully he didn’t try to come back too early."

At this point, don't expect to see Hawkins Wednesday against Missouri, and it's doubtful he plays Saturday at Kansas. Then again, we've learned that Cal can be a bit mysterious with injuries. Heck, the update he gave tonight wasn't exactly concrete, but either way, don't expect him Wednesday.