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Wildcats Quickies: Super Bowl 50 Edition

The Super Bowl is set, The Big Blue Nation impressed Saturday, and more quickies and randoms to kick off your week.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The teams are set, and now the hype and build-up to Super Bowl 50 has officially begun.  In one corner you have the Denver Broncos and in all likelihood Peyton Manning's final chance to get another ring. In the other corner you have a potential culmination of a dream season for the Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton.

The Broncos took care of the New England Patriots 20-18 in a game that was very entertaining and filled with questions.  Bill Belicheck passed up two field goals earlier in the game and saw his team come down to needing a touchdown and two point conversion to force overtime when the could have been facing a game winning field goal instead.

The Broncos ended up having to dodge more bullets than Neo from the Matrix to hold on.  The Patriots converted a 4th down and 10 from midfield with a deep pass over the top to Rob Gronkowski.  This was after the Broncos had held the Patriots on 4th and goal the possession prior.

Facing ANOTHER 4th and goal after the Gronk deep pass Brady found guess who, Rob Gronkowski in the end zone for the TD.  They had to hold once agin on the two point conversion and again on the onsides kick.  The Broncos will be battling for Manning's likely swan song and former Cat Danny Trevethan will get another shot at a ring.

The Broncos will be facing the Carolina Panthers.  The Panthers are 17-1 under head coach Ron Rivera and are riding the back of possible MVP Cam Newton.  The Panthers dispatched of the Arizona Cardinals in impressive fashion.  After dusting the Seahawks by scoring on their first four possessions, they scored 17 in the first quarter against Arizona to assert their dominance.

The Panthers ended up winning the game by a final of 49-15.  The Cardinals turned the ball over SEVEN times and Newton finished with nearly 400 yards of offense and 4 Touchdowns.  I like the idea of Peyton Manning winning one more ring and riding off into the sunset but I have to admit I will be rooting for Cam Newton and the Panthers in two weeks.

Newton is one win away from being the only Quarterback in football to win a Heisman, a National Championship, a Super Bowl and win an NFL MVP.




  • 'Cats in the NBA had a helluva weekend, specifically Saturday.  KSR has a solid rundown of the top performers of the weekend.  DeMarcus Cousins had 48 points, another triple double for Rajon Rondo, Booker with a big night, Towns with a monster slam, and Archie Goodwin with the impromptu game winner from three, as see below

  • Former mediocre coach Dan Dakich took to Twitter to attack Kyle Tucker for linking Tyler Ulis' high school coach voicing his displeasure with Dakich.  In case you missed it, Dakich claims that Tyler Ulis is not a top-5 point guard this year, and that maybe he is a top 25.
  • Personally, there is no other PG I would take over Ulis, but for the sake of argument I looked at some numbers.  You can argue that Kris Dunn, Cat Barber, and Denzel Valentine are worthy of being ranked above Ulis.  However, Ulis' numbers speak for themselves when compared to the other PGs that Dakich dismissively claimed were easily better.  Not to mention that since Conference Play began, Ulis is averaging 19 PPG and 7 Assists.  And Mr. Dakich did NOT respond to me the two times I sent this to him, ha.


  • For years the argument among fans was that the American League needed to abolish the Designated Hitter and go with the more natural aspect of the game, making the pitcher hit.  As the game has evolved everywhere, the DH is becoming more and more normal at all levels of the game, and now there is some momentum to the National League actually adopting it.
  • SADLY, The Above ^ is also similar to the SEC standings.

  • More and more you are seeing student sections and fanbases trying to be creative with their attempts to distract the free throw shooter.  There is a high school that has taken the cake by delivering a baby in the student section, as seen below.


  • Scientists are saying that one of the possible reasons we have not found other life and likely will not in our lifetime is due to timing.  They hypothesize that extreme climates have eradicated past life.

  • Why are the windows inside airplanes rounded, I am sure this keeps you up at night, here is why.

  • I know we all like to fuss about some of the things that go on in our great nation, and while we have a litany of problems to fix, it could be worse... you could arrested because of who you follow on Twitter.  A South Korean man followed 'North Korea' on twitter and was arrested.

  • Here is a list of the richest person in each state.  The richest person in Kentucky is Brad Kelley, of Commonwealth Brands Tobacco with a net worth of $2 BILLION.