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Have Skal Labissiere's people decided he's entering NBA Draft?

It's safe to say Skal is going to have some tough decisions to make this offseason regarding his future.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

While there's still plenty of season left, it's been a freshman campaign for Kentucky Wildcats forward Skal Labissiere to forget.

After being projected as an All-SEC player, a player of the year candidate and a top-three pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, Labissiere looks more like a guy 1-2 years away from even becoming a quality starter in college basketball, let alone someone who needs to go pro after one season.

But as anyone who follows the NBA draft knows, it's a game of chance, potential and what scouts and executives think players can become in 2-3 years, if not longer. You simply don't find 6-10 guys like Skal who can shoot and have a wide range of moves, even if we haven't seen much of them this season.

That's why NBA executives are telling Adam Zagoria that Skal's people have already decided he's going pro this year.

"[Labissiere] will not help any NBA team next year no matter where he gets drafted. I believe Skal's people have already decided for him that he is coming out no matter what type of year he has."

Adding to that, the executive thinks that an NBA team will likely end up drafting him in the lottery.

"It's still early but my guess is he will still go in the lottery but there will be a lot of nervous teams in the lottery having to make a decision to take him based on his poor overall performance this year. He's a total upside pick."

The debate of whether Skal should stay or go pro has been gaining steam recently due in large part to this being such a weak draft class that he'll end up getting drafted fairly high just because of his upside. You really can't blame Skal for leaving though if a team is willing to invest that much in him, which would include a multi-year contract that pays him around $2 million per season.

At this point, I think both Skal and John Calipari will want him back for another season, but it's safe to say that's no slam dunk to happen.