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John Calipari to Cavaliers rumors about to heat up after David Blatt fired

It looks like the Cavaliers could still be in the market for a new head coach this summer if things don't pan out with Lue.


Cavaliers general manager David Griffin has stated that Tyronn Lue does not have a multi-year deal, as originally reported when he took over for David Blatt. Griffin was a guest on ESNP's Mike and Mike Monday morning, and he said Lue is still under his assistant coach contract and he will be re-evaluated for the head job at the end of the season.

In other words, Kentucky fans need to be rooting for the Cavs to at least make it to the NBA Finals in hopes that leads to them signing Lue to a multi-year deal and making no effort to go after Cal.

Again, I don't think Cal leaves for Cleveland, but it will be a hard job to turn down if they come after him.


Most NBA jobs have been easy for John Calipari to pass on.

Being the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers is no ordinary job.

The only do the Cavs feature one of the NBA's best rosters, but also have the world's best player in LeBron James, the same guy Calipari has openly gushed about coaching.

That and Cal's frequent rumored interest in taking another shot at the NBA is why Cal-to-Cleveland rumors are about to ensue after they fired head coach David Blatt.

The good news for Kentucky fans is that the Cavs appear to be naming assistant coach Ty Lue as the interim head coach for the time being.

But this is nevertheless a shocking move that will undoubtedly lead to rumors of the Cavaliers being interested in Calipari, especially after Cleveland made a very strong push to hire Cal almost two years ago.

Unless Lue is able to lead Cleveland back to the NBA Finals this season, expect the Cavs to at least inquire about Cal joining them this coming offseason, but not right now while both college and the NBA are in the middle of their regular seasons.

The good news is UK is paying Cal as much as any college and even NBA team is their coach, and he also has one of the best recruiting classes of all time coming in next season. While Cal has always maintained interest in another shot at the NBA, he also wants to become the first man to coach a 40-0 team. Depending on who returns from this year's team, he may have another shot at that next season.

In the end, I think Cal still stays in Lexington, but this is something to monitor nevertheless.