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Mike Anderson and John Calipari had icy exchange in handshake line

The snow may be falling in Kentucky, but the saltiness appears to be in Arkansas today.

Gunnar Rathbun-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky got a much-needed win over Arkansas Thursday night, but one of the biggest talking points afterwards wasn't what went on during the game.

It was the way Razorbacks head coach Mike Anderson seemed to blow past John Calipari during the handshake line with no interest in acknowledging him:

Usually, head coaches just don't zip past the opposing head coach as if they don't exist, and Anderson certainly looked like he wanted nothing to do with Calipari, for whatever reason that is.

Later, Calipari acknowledged the icy handshake and tried to make it seem like he may have done something to anger Anderson, but it  wasn't a big deal.

"It’s fine," Calipari said. "He and I talked after. He apologized and I said, ‘If I said anything to make you mad, I apologize. I say all kinds of stuff.’ So, probably something I did say and he deserved to react the way he did, and we’re fine."

Anderson was also asked about it, and he too acted as though it was nothing and they apologized for it.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, we did," Anderson said. "I apologized, yeah, we did."

He also said that, "It’s all under the bridge" about what got him upset, but didn't divulge any more info on it.

H/T To Jay Hargrove for the video.