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Wildcats Quickies: The NFL Final Four Edition

The NFC and AFC Championship games are set, Kentucky has major questions, the UK Hoops ladies win, and more quickies and randoms to start your week.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Final Four of the NFL has been officially set.  The Denver Broncos are playing the New England Patriots, and the Carolina Panthers are playing the Arizona Cardinals.

The path to get to those four was quite a wild ride this weekend.  The Cardinals had to hang on by the hair of their chins to win.  The Packers and Aaron Rodgers were facing a 4th and 20 and Aaron Rodgers was scrambling in his own end zone.

Then the Packers faced a hail mary to survive and this happened:

The pass was caught by Jeff Janis, it may not make mathematical sense, but Janis actually had 101 yards receiving on that drive alone to tie it.

The Carolina Panthers roared into the NFC title game by burying the Seahawks early by going up 31-0.  They did have to hold on but won 31-24 and Cam Newton continues his roll of his career.  You also may know that after every touchdown Cam scores he gives the ball away.  The reaction by this kid was priceless and will make your heart feel good.

Finally we have the Broncos and the Patriots for a trip to the Super Bowl.  Manning vs. Brady for what is likely a final time.  It is going to be fun to watch two of the greatest to ever lace them up go at it in the twilight of their career.



  • The ladies of the UK Hoops squad avenged an earlier loss to Auburn by winning 54-47 at Memorial Coliseum yesterday.  Freshman Taylor Murray's mother was on hand to watch her daughter play and she responded with a career high 14 points and 6 BIG steals.

  • Kentucky Football has received a commitment from 3-star 2017 RB Bryant Koback.  Koback is just under 200 pounds and runs a 4.3 40 yard dash.  Most 4.3 guys are speed only, at nearly 200 lbs and 4.3, that is speed and power.

  • Tyler Ulis had 17 points, 10 rebounds, and 8 assists in the loss Saturday.  Would you have EVER thought that the third category Tyler would need for a triple double would have been assists?  Of course you didn't, nobody did, the mighty mite with more rebounds than Skal, Poythress, and Lee COMBINED is amazing.

  • The McDonalds All-American rosters were released and UK was well-represented per usual. De'Aron Fox, Bam Adebayo, and Sacha Killey-Jones will represent the East squad.  Malik Monk will represent the West squad.

  • This guy will be doing this kind of stuff in Lexington next year:


  • In what has to be one of the best troll jobs I have seen, the Carolina Panthers took a tweet from Rainn Wilson (The Office's 'Dwight') and made it amazingly hilarious.  Assuming you watched the TV show 'The Office' that is.

  • If you watched the Packers and Cardinals game, you saw the overtime fiasco where the coin flip did not actually flip in the air, so the referee decided to re-flip it.  The NFL backed up the decision yesterday.

  • Since Tuesday, in less than one week, 14 of the top 25 college basketball teams took a loss.  That has to be some kind of record, right?  I guess misery really does love company.

  • This was an actual in-game shot taken by Joakim Noah, not a parody video.


  • There is a saying 'the rich get richer' and it is playing out on a global scale.  In 2010, 388 people were as rich as the bottom 50% of the world's population.  As of 2015, that number has now dipped to 62 people being as wealth as the bottom 50% combined.  That means 62 people have as much money to their names as 3.6 BILLION people combined do.

  • Is this guy the dumbest criminal of the year?He broke into a house, wanted money, they did not have it on them.  So he demanded the meet him the next day at a mall parking lot with the money, and that he would be wearing the exact same thing.  Of course, the next day he was there and greeted by police.

  • If you are like me and you watched 2008's 'Cloverfield' and have been pining for a sequel, it is coming.  J.J. Abrams secretly made the sequel and it will debut in theaters on March 11th.  It is not a direct sequel to the first, but is supposed to be tied to the 'Cloverfield Universe"