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Randall Cobb made insane catch that didn't count and got hurt

Some plays are so special that even if they don't actually count, that doesn't take sway from how great they were.

Take Randall Cobb for example. He made one of the best diving one-handed you'll ever see during the Green Bay Packers' playoff matchup with the Arizona Cardinals. As Cobb was running a deep post and trying to fight off corner Justin Bethel, he laid out with one arm to grab a deep bomb from Aaron Rodgers to make an outstanding grab:

The problem is an illegal shift penalty by Green Bay negated the play. Adding insult to injury, Cobb was forced to leave the game with a chest injury.

Cobb hasn't had the kind of season he's typically had with the Packers, and it only seems fair that his catch-of-the-year candidate was wiped out by a penalty.



Cobb has been ruled out with a chest injury, which means we may have seen the last of the UK great this NFL season.