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Wildcats Quickies: State of The Union Edition

Your Hump-day Quickies and Randoms

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You may think by the title of these quickies that I am going to discuss politics... false.  I am going to discuss the state of the big blue nation union.  Kentucky squeaked out a win last night against a team that is not very good.  They were 16 point favorites and playing in Rupp Arena.

However, we saw the game come down to a 3-point lead and needing free throws to hold on to the victory.  You can say that a win is a win, and you would be right.  However, there are some major flaws on this team that I do not see getting fixed in time for a run at #9.

We simply have no low-post presence to help with the backcourt.  I wrote this article two days ago showing that for us to beat any quality team we have to have 26 points and 20 rebounds from Poythress, Skal, and Marcus Lee.  Last night we got 13 points and 21 rebounds and we nearly lost to a team we should have easily beaten.

Unless Tai Wynyard is exponentially better than we think he is, we are going to be in for needing a ton of threes in March to 'survive and advance'.






  • I spoke with a few former Tennessee players who were there when coach Eddie Gran and Darin Hinshaw were in Knoxville and they both could not be more complimentary of the two.  They loved both coaches and hated seeing them go when they did.  Nice to hear from former players that praise them so much.


  • If you do not know the name Andrew Smith, he was the center for the Butler Bulldogs when they went to two national championships.  Smith passed away at the age of 25 from Leukemia.  It is always a sad time to lose someone to cancer, it is an altogether injustice when someone so young with so much promise succumbs to the terrible disease.