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John Calipari says Dominique Hawkins has high ankle sprain

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

It looks like the Kentucky Wildcats won't have Dominique Hawkins back anytime soon.

Head coach John Calipari revealed during his call-in show Monday night that Hawkins has suffered the dreaded high ankle sprain two weeks ago during a win over Ole Miss. When Hawkins initially went down with his injury, it was only revealed to be an ankle injury, but this is the first time Cal has admitted it's of the high-ankle variety.

That's bad news for the junior guard who appeared to finally have found a spot in UK's rotation before going down in the second half of the Cats' 83-61 win over Ole Miss on Jan. 2. He's not practiced since then, and while Cal said Hawkins tried to work on the side Monday, admitted he only looked 'okay' doing it.

With Hawkins already having been low in the rotation, he's probably not going to play in games again until he gets at least a few practices in. The bad thing is a high ankle sprain can sideline players multiple weeks, possibly even a month. That means he could be out for 5-8 more games and not return until around the halfway point of SEC play.

In other words, don't expect to see Hawkins Tuesday night vs Alabama or Saturday at Auburn.