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Rick Pitino believes Louisville Basketball scandal happened; Denies flipping UK fan off

At least Rick Pitino is admitting one wrongdoing, even though he's denying his obvious middle-finger flipping of a UK fan.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

For much of the past four months, the Louisville Cardinals have been plagued with allegations of illegal recruiting tactics involving strippers and/or prostitutes.

UL and the NCAA are looking into allegations made in "Breaking Cardinal Rules: Basketball and the Escort Queen," which detail how former Cardinals director of basketball operations Andre McGee paid an escort service to provide sex for recruits.

To this point, head coach Rick Pitino has been mum on the allegations and subsequent NCAA investigation while letting the process play out and the truth hopefully coming out, however brutal it may be for Louisville.

For the first time since the initial allegations were made, Pitino is now openly admitting that he believes there was in fact a scandal.

However, Pitino is not ready to admit he flipped a UK fan off during last Saturday's game between the Cards and Cats.