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Kentucky Football Recruiting By The Numbers

Trying to figure out who the scholarship players are ain’t easy. Does anyone other than the coaching staff know how many players can sign early or next February? For a fan, it would be nice to know, don’t you think? Can we sign a full complement of 25, or is the number smaller?

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

I have gone through the 2015 Spring Roster and determined that there were 67 scholarship players who participated and another 17 who should enroll in the summer semester or the fall semester. If all goes as planned, our number of scholarship players when practice begins will be 85 which is the NCAA limit..

Two questions arise for me. First, has J.D. Harman earned his scholarship back? After walking-on, he earned a scholarship, but lost it when he had to sit out due to academics. Second, is Cole Mosier, another walk-on, on scholarship? If they haven't earned a scholarship, then our total stands at 83. For the sake of argument, let's assume our roster stands at 85 at the beginning of fall practice.

Here's my count by class:

True Seniors: 6 - Fred Tiller, Daron Blaylock, Landon Foster, Cody Quinn. Khalid Henderson, Jordan Swindle

Red Shirt Seniors: 11 including the JUCOs - A.J. Stamps, Joey Herrick, Melvin Lewis, Ryan Flannigan, Cory Johnson, Glenn Faulkner, Josh Forrest, Jabari Johnson, Zach West, Rashad Cunningham and Farrington Huguenin

True Juniors: 7 - Ryan Timmons, JoJo Kemp, Jason Hatcher, Marcus McWilson, Jaleel Hytche, Blake McClain, and Austin MacGinnis

Red Shirt Juniors: 5 - Patrick Towles, J.D. Harmon, Zack Blaylock, Zack Meyers and John Toth

True Sophomores: 8 - Dorian Baker, Mikel Horton, Blake Bone, Garrett Johnson, Boom Williams, Kendall Randolph, Matt Elam and T.V. Williams,

Red Shirt Sophs: 8 - Reece Phillips, Jeff Badet, Alex Montgomery, Jacob Hyde, Nick Haynes, Ramsey Meyers, Kyle Meadows and Regie Meant

SophomoreTransfers: 2 - Courtney Love and Greg Hart

Red Shirt Freshmen: 16 - Drew Barker, Kobie Walker, Thaddeus  Snodgrass, Dorian Hendrix, Jared Tucker, Darius West, Mike Edwards, Denzil Ware, Nico Firios, Bunchy Stallings, Jarrett LaRubbio, Nick Richardson, Josh Krok, Darryl Long, Tymere Dubose and Adrian Middleton

Early Enrolled Freshmen: 4 - C.J. Conrad, Kengera Daniel, Jordan Jones and George Asafo-Adjei

Freshmen due to enroll in August:  17 - Marcus Walker, Kei Beckham, Eli Brown, Logan Stenberg, Levon Livingston, Mason Wolfe, Jabari Greenwood, Chris Westry, Javon Provitt, Josh Allen, Tavin Richardson, Will Jackson, Therrell Gossier, Derrick Baity, Alvonte Bell, Sihiem King, and Calvin Taylor.

JUCO due in August: 1 - Courtney Miggins

Total: 85

At the end of the season, 17 will leave due to graduation. How, then, can we sign more than 17 in the 2016 class? Yet, several people who are less ignorant than me are suggesting another class of 22-23. Obviously, I've either miscounted or something's got to give. Perhaps senility has finally set in for me on a permanent basis. I have to admit that I am confused.

With 16 commitments on board, it seems we can only take one more. Yet our coaches are averaging an offer almost on a daily basis. Our offer count (in whatever form) stands at 226 (according to 247 Sports), and counting.