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Mark Stoops: Boom Williams not practicing as he deals with personal issue

It looks like Boom Williams really is having trouble adjusting to his new role with the Kentucky Wildcats.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats made a surprising move on Saturday when they went primarily with Jojo Kemp over Stanley 'Boom' Williams during the second half of their win over Missouri.

On Monday, the updated depth chart no longer had Williams as the starting running back. Instead, Kemp, now a true junior, was given that nod, but Williams still held the second-string spot.

On Tuesday, rumors began circulating that Williams, now a true sophomore, was having issues with his demotion and was even considering skipping practice and quitting the team. However, a UK spokesman told Jen Smith of the LHL that Williams was still with the team.

Following Tuesday's practice, head coach Mark Stoops did admit Williams was dealing with personal issues and was not practicing for the time being. Stoops also said Williams needed to deal with some personal stuff and would be back with the team once he got through them.

On whether the personal issue had anything to do with Williams not playing much in the second half Saturday, Stoops said that would stay in house. It's probably safe to think Boom isn't happy with his new role after being the featured back since taking over that role in the middle of last season.

It also looks like Williams doesn't have a great shot of playing this week against EKU since he's missing practice, but thankfully, the bye week follows that game. It sounds like Boom needs it.

Whatever is wrong, people have problems they deal with that don't need to be public. Williams has something he's dealing with, so let him be as he deals with it.