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Dorian Baker's spinning 1-handed snag is college football catch-of-the-year candidate (video)

UK Athletics

The Kentucky Wildcats pulled off a big win Saturday night over the No. 25 Missouri Tigers, 21-13.

The final touchdown grab for the Cats came from sophomore receiver Dorian Baker, but even though his five-yard score was nice, he made one of the best catches you'll see in college football earlier in the drive.

The play came on 3rd and 5 at the UK 46-yard line as Patrick Towles threw up a pass it didn't look like was possible to catch. It appeared to sail just out of the reach out of Baker's arms and lead to a 4th-down punt, but Baker made an amazing one-handed grab to secure the 25-yard gain and a key 1st down.

What made the catch so amazing is that Baker caught the ball while running and spinning around to just get a hand on the ball, which was all he needed: He's going almost full speed down the sideline before he spins and makes the catch while keeping a foot inbounds and control of the ball:

And here's the TD grab Baker would make four plays later to effectively put the game away.

This play has to be on the Sportscenter Top 10 today and maybe even on the top-10 catches highlight-reel of the 2015 college football season.