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Wildcat Quickies: Pick To Click Edition

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Who busts out Saturday, I chat with the Sports Huddle Guys, Malik Monk cuts his list, The Wonder of Chuck Hayes, and more.

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THREE DAYS... THREE DAYS... We are just three days away from the unveiling of the new Commonwealth Stadium, a new Offensive Coordinator, and a new Kentucky Football winning tradition in action.

The speculation of who is going to be good, who is going to bust, and who is going to surprise is over.  It is time for the rubber to meet the road and the results to speak for themselves.

Having said that, who do you think is going to click Saturday and be the MVP?  For me it is Patrick Towles; while it is not exactly a stretch to pick him, I like him to have a big day.

I think Shannon Dawson's version of the Air Raid combined with Towles improvement and I think he puts up some crooked numbers to the tune of 350 yards, 3 TDs and no turnovers.


Your Quickies

Matt Elam Owns It

I love that the big guy is owning it and not backing off.  Not because I think he needs to stick to the prediction, just that he is keeping the confidence and it is coming from a place of rationale and not hubris.

"I feel like if you're a football player and you don't think you're gonna go 12-0 then something's wrong with you," Elam said. "Because why are you doing this if you don't think you're gonna go undefeated? Because I feel like we're doing everything like everybody else is doing. We practice the same, we're out here probably the same amount, if not more, so I feel like definitely it's a possibility. So I stated it."

"I just see where everybody's heads at now," Elam said. "Everybody's just on the right track and everybody's just finally bought in to everything...I don't really see what makes us different than a different program."

Chatting With ESPN Radio Lexington's The Sports Huddle

I chatted with Matthew Laurance and Mike Cameron on WLXG's The Sports Huddle about Football Movies, Fantasy Football, each offensive and defensive unit for UK and the Iconic Calipari Moments series.  I love chatting with these guys, come check it out.

Malik Monk Trims His List

The 'Cats are in the potential superstar's list.  Monk will visit UK for Big Blue Madness, always a good thing for the Big Blue Nation's hopes of getting a player.

Where Was Your Coach 20 Years Ago?

Saturday Down South looked at where every SEC coach was working 20 years ago.



All Hands On-Deck To Finish Commonwealth

75 Volunteers were on hand to help with the collective effort to shore up the final touches on some of the areas of Commonwealth Stadium.  Pretty cool to see groups from outside the Football program stepping in to support.

The Timeless Chuck Hayes


Chuck Hayes recently signed a 1-year deal with the Clippers.  Chuck has 10 years in the NBA now and if you can say you saw that coming you are likely lying.  Hayes is a 6'5" POWER FORWARD/CENTER in the NBA.  Hayes is the absolute epitome of hard work and effort.

Chuck is not the most athletic guy, he is not the best shooter, but nobody will outwork the man and he has now made a decade long career in a league where guys with infinitely more talent fizzle out every year.

The Story of Reggie Meant

Reggie Meant was born in America, but his parents were Haitian immigrants, making him a first generation American.  Meant did not start playing football until about 6 years ago and was rated the lowest of the entire 2013 UK recruiting class.

Yet when he walks on the field Saturday he is #1 on the DT depth chart.  We heard lots of rumblings of his impressiveness during that redshirt year.  Last season he showed glimpses, and now he gets the chance to put it all together this season and be a force.

Cobb Back By The Opener?

Randall Cobb is nursing a sprained AC joint in his shoulder but he is confident it will not cost him any time off the field.

"I don't plan on missing a game. I'm going to do everything I can to get back," he said Tuesday.

Max Smith A Starter

Former Cat Max Smith has won the starting job at San Diego State, I could not be happier for the guy.  He was injury riddled at UK and unfortunately never made a come back.  Good luck to Max and I am sure all of BBN would love to see him do well.

J.J. Watt The NFL's Best? decided to rank the NFL player 1-100 regardless of position.  The criteria they used is listed below, their process came up to J.J. Watt, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady as the top 3.  Our guy Randall Cobb came in at #39.



Football Movie Moments

Part of my interview with the Sports Huddle we talked about good football movies.  With the season being so close I decided to link some of the most famous football movies with fun/pivotal/emotional/motivating scenes.


Of Course, Rudy has to be up there.

Any Given Sunday

The movie itself was not very good, but the pre-game speech by Al Pacino is one of the greatest speeches I have ever heard in sports.

We Are Marshall

Tough to beat true stories

The Replacements

Fun Movie

The Program

Kane is Able (Warning, he drops an F-Bomb)


The Blind Side

Gotta Love the Blocking scene

Necessary Roughness

I loved this movie, how can you not like a 30+ year old Scott Bakula playing a college QB

The Best Of Times

Old School movie that is a timeless classic, notice Robin Williams little spin move and hand flutter.  I also love how they kept showing the clock to make it seem like he had to score before the clock hit zero.