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Wildcat Chatter 9.1.2015

We preview the season democratically.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday night, several of us got together to preview the upcoming season. The murders' row: James, Keith, Coach Greenwell, and myself. You've undoubtedly read and heard several season previews to this point, so we decided to do something slightly different.

We go through each game, make our picks, but then we take the voted upon composite verdict as the true record. Just as our Founding Fathers intended. In the case of 2-2 ties, we had in our possession a Magic Eight Ball to deliver the final decision. Paul the Octopus sadly had another media engagement so we made do with what was available.

Things don't get too contentious until we discuss the UK-UofL match-up leading to one person's sobriety being called into question. It's not uncommon for this person to be drinking, so drawing that conclusion wasn't necessarily out-of-bounds.

As always for our mobile users, I uploaded this episode to SoundCloud. If you have the SoundCloud phone app, you can search for either the "Wildcat Chatter" or the "A Sea of Blue" tags.

Thanks for listening.

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