Poll: Who's your Go-To Wide Receiver?

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

In four weeks, the 2015 version of UK football will take the field at CWS 2.0.

The BBN eagerly awaits and through some quirk of science, time will slow down until gameday arrives, just like the approach of Christmas when we where growing up. To restore the pace of time, we have to stay busy so here's something for idle minds to ponder as we look toward September 5th - Who will be UK's Go-To Wide Receiver?

The recent release by UKAthletics covering the first day of practice captured some acrobatic receptions by Dorian Baker that prompted me to wonder which player(s) will actually be the "go to" receiver this year. The team has switched Offensive Coordinators with hints of a more vertical game, returns some outstanding talent from last year's team, brings back some others sidelined last year from injuries, benefits from the addition of last year's freshman redshirts and adds even more from a talented freshman class.

UK currently has 16 (yes 16!) wide receivers listed on the roster and we really have no idea who will emerge as the star in this pants-on-fire offense. I'm sure Stoops and Dawson have a pretty good idea by now but we, the uninformed masses, are left to speculate.

The latest depth chart from a few weeks ago lists the ones as Blake Bone, Garrett Johnson, Joey Herrick and Dorian Baker while the twos were Thaddeus Snodgrass, Ryan Timmons, Alex Montgomery and Jeff Badet for wide receivers. With that group it's hard to assume we will have to burn a redshirt on the incoming freshman, so they can develop for a year. That's a lot of talent, and with the exception of Snodgrass, they all have game experience. Most of them have also shined (shone?) at one time or another with spectacular catches or a full game but none could consistently perform through the 2014 season.

So in our fog of ignorance and to kill some time before kick-off let's take a stab at who will have the most yardage?

Update: Conveniently, Kaan Solagan at KSR posted an evaluation of the wide receivers to help your selection.