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Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: John Calipari Explains "Relief" Comment

Straight from the coach himself.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, an interview with John Calipari hit the Internet in which he expressed that some of his players were relieved in the locker room after the loss to the Wisconsin Badgers in the Final Four.

Obviously his comments didn't sit well with some of the members of BBN, and the usual Coach Cal detractors were out in full force calling his comments asinine and BS.

John Calipari has  gone to his website and clarified his statements in a reflective blog post.

Here are some of the more interesting bits:

In the interview, I used the term relieved to describe what I saw in the locker room. It wasn’t relief about wanting the season to end. That team wanted to win all 40 games – and thought they were going to. So did their coach.

When I walked in that locker room, I didn’t know what to expect. When I looked around, a few of them looked like they were in a daze.

I was talking to Karl Towns about it and his comment was, "We were in shock. The response wasn’t tears and anger. It was more of, ‘What just happened, we’re done playing.’ "

I can absolutely see the shocked reaction. This was a team that faced very few tests all season, but each test they encountered, they came out victorious. It was if this team had an extra gear that put them in clutch mode. Nobody expected them to lose in that tournament.

I agree with Karl. They were in shock. A few were devastated, but what I saw more than anything when they settled in their seats was they were being reflective of the season and what had just happened.

If you have never been through what we went through, it would be hard to understand or describe. That’s what I tried to do.

I’ll say this one more time: I couldn’t have been more proud nor did I have more fun coaching a basketball team than I did last year.

So there you have it. Personally, I have had enough of the people that say that Cal doesn’t care about winning and that all he wants to see is players get drafted, because he wins a surprising amount of games for a coach that doesn’t care about winning. Does he want to see players go to the NBA from Kentucky? Absolutely. Does he bring some of the criticism on himself due to his comments? Absolutely. But at the end of the day John Calipari wants to win and he wants guys to get drafted. Both of those goals help recruiting, it helps branding, it helps the young people that he mentors, and it makes the Kentucky Wildcats basketball program the premier team in the NCAA. All of these things go hand in hand.

Four Final Fours, two national title games, multiple drafted players, blockbuster recruiting, and a championship in six years should speak for itself, yet here we are.