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Wildcat Quickies: Josh Forrest Beast Mode Edition

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Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Senior Linebacker Josh Forrest is about to leave it all on the field this season.  In 2014, the 6'3" 233 pound former Wide Receiver led the team in tackles with 110.  This year the ballhawk tackling machine has packed on 22 pounds and kept his speed.

With that aforementioned speed to go with a beastly 255 pound nose for the ball, I think Josh Forrest will have a first team All-SEC type season and be the Wildcats next NFL draft pick.

Jen Smith at the Herald Leader put out an article detailing the weight loss or weight gain of notable players coming into fall camp, below is her listings.

Player Position old weight new weight difference
A.J. Stamps S 197 205 (+8)
Fred Tiller CB 177 180 (+3)
Marcus McWilson S 202 208 (+6)
Cody Quinn CB 174 180 (+6)
Jaleel Hytchye CB 174 175 (+1)
Jared Tucker CB 168 175 (+7)
Blake McClain CB 199 195 (-4)
Mike Edwards S 186 200 (+14)
Defensive line
Jason Hatcher DE/LB 249 252 (+3)
Kengera Daniel DE 250 260 (+10)
Denzil Ware DE/LB 249 255 (+6)
Jabari Johnson DE/LB 274 272 (-2)
Jacob Hyde DT 333 320 (-13)
C.J. Johnson DT 297 300 (+3)
Melvin Lewis DT 342 332 (+10)
Farrington Huguenin DE 272 282 (+10)
Regie Meant DT 306 302 (+4)
Tymere Dubose DT 307 315 (+8)
Adrian Middleton DT 295 294 (-1)
Kobie Walker LB 200 210 (+10)
Dorian Hendrix LB 238 232 (-6)
Khalid Henderson LB 233 235 (+2)
Ryan Flannigan LB 220 225 (+5)
Nico Firios LB 231 230 (+1)
Josh Forrest LB 233 255 (+22)
Offensive line
Zach Myers OL 305 300 (-5)
George Asafo-Adjei OL 315 325 (+10)
Jervontius "Bunchy" Stallings OL 344 335 (-9)
Jarett LaRubbio OL 292 297 (+5)
Nick Haynes OL 328 308 (-20)
Ramsey Meyers OL 323 320 (+3)
Jon Toth OL 295 310 (+15)
Kyle Meadows OL 286 298 (+12)
Cole Mosier OL 344 335 (-9)
Zach West OL 312 305 (-7)
Nick Richardson OL 283 285 (+2)
Wide receivers
Ryan Timmons WR 201 192 (-9)
Dorian Baker WR 203 208 (+5)
Blake Bone WR 206 208 (+2)
Garrett Johnson WR 174 182 (+8)
Thaddeus Snodgrass WR 188 190 (+2)
Jeff Badet WR 176 182 (+6)
Alexander Montgomery WR 209 210 (+1)
David Bouvier WR 161 163 (+2)
T.V. Williams WR 153 155 (+2)
Running backs
Jojo Kemp RB 200 201 (+1)
Mikel Horton RB 234 226 (-8)


Any dig at the Hoosiers is ok by me



Gunnar Hoak Enrolling Early

Heralded 3-star Quarterback Gunnar Hoak will be enrolling at Kentucky in January to get a head start on his college career.  I think this is a big deal and puts a lot of pressure on Drew Barker.  If Barker ends up not beating out Towles at some point this season he would be looking at not starting till his Junior season.  At that point, he would actually be competing with a redshirt Freshman Hoak for the spot.

Grand Opening of The New Commonwealth Stadium

The University released a slate of events for the grand opening of the new stadium.  First off will be a free concert headlined by Sundy Best.  Opening for Sundy Best will actually be the Go Big Blue band with lead singer and women's basketball coach Matthew Mitchell.  Yes, not a joke, Matthew Mitchell will be the lead singer.  I love coach's antics and dance moves, but I think he's jumping the shark on this one.

The National Anthem will be sung by a choir composed of singers from all 120 counties in the state, pretty cool.  This will be followed by the US Army parachute team delivering the game ball via air.

ESPN Previews SEC East Camps Opening

Below is the rundown of ESPN's SEC east camp previews.

ESPN Preview

How Many Freshmen Will Play?

A GREAT sign of the program moving forward is going to be the lack of True Freshman you will see on the field this season.  The teams we play in the SEC hardly play true freshmen, because they redshirt them and get them prepared for a murderous conference.  Kentucky has not had that luxury, until now.

I think we are only going to see two true freshman play meaningful snaps this season.  Justin Rowland wrote an article talking about four possibly getting some serious run this year.  I think it will be C.J. Conrad and George Asafo-Adjei, Conrad is really out of the lack of ANY talent at the position.  However, Conrad is a special talent and would likely have been a starter at the position even if last season's players were there.

Asafo-Adjei wil play, and I think ultimately be the starter sooner than later, due to his freakishness.  The staff would LOVE to redshirt the lineman, but he came in early and made such an impression that he will likely be our 6th best linesman to start the season.

Coach Cal Article on Grantland

Danny Chau put out a great article detailing the "arms race" that Coach Cal jumpstarted regarding recruiting.  One of the great aspects of the article is how Chau touched on the fact that if Cal says something, it carries weight.  You do not usually get hyperbole out of Cal, he is the Rick Pitino antithesis in that way.  So when he says 2016 could be the greatest recruiting coup he has had, you listen.

Rawle Alkins is Just Filthy

5-star recruit and Kentucky target Rawle Alkins is the hottest recruit in the 2016 class and the 'Cats are the current favorite to land him.  Alkins attacks the rim like it stole something from him, I LOVE this kid and we need him badly IMO.

Nolan Ryan vs. Robin Ventura

22 years ago yesterday, Nolan Ryan put Robin Ventura in a headlock and put a beating on the younger player

Soylent Green Lays Potato Chips?

Somebody found a bright green potato chip in a bag of Lays BBQ potato chips.  Lays really should get some PR person to recommend they come out with a flavor of Soylent Green and make it bright green.  If you are too young, google it.

Kentucky Bourbon Tour

As I mentioned on here a few weeks ago, a friend and I are doing a "tour" of the Kentucky Bourbons.  Every other week we buy a bottle of Kentucky Bourbon for each other.  The only rule, neither of us could have tried it before, my favorite so far is Knob Creek, but a new contender has emerged;  W.L. Weller.

Man, what  smooth, strong drink.