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Wildcat Quickies: GAME WEEK EDITION

Your Quickies, it is game week and Christmas in September is upon us.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It is officially game week in Lexington, we are looking forward to many things.

The beginning of the New Commonwealth Stadium as well as the opening of season three for Mark Stoops leading the Kentucky Wildcats. There are a lot of high hopes and a lot of people that are all-in on this season.

The Ragin Cajuns have won 9 games and a bowl victory for four consecutive years and Coach Mark Hudspeth is on-deck for a life-changing job.  They are certainly no pushover and Kentucky cannot expect to just show up and roll this Saturday.  Having said that, UK SHOULD take care of business and win by a few touchdowns.


Your Quickies

What IF Game

We all love playing the what if game, so let's look at some recent football What-If's to get us ready for a team that is going to destroy out pre-conceived notions of days of Kentucky past.

  • What if Marcus McWilson did not drop the INT vs. Louisville
  • What if The Refs called the penalty in Gainesville
  • What if we would have beaten UT in just half the games we should have
  • What if Chris Doering would have fallen down.
  • What if Marty Moore downs the ball
  • What if UK bats the ball down vs. LSU
  • What if Randall Cobb touches the ball against UT
  • What if Jared Lorenzen just takes the sack
It is easy to keep the list going with the missed opportunities... I only bring them up because I have so much faith in Stoops and Company that playing the 'what if game' will be a thing of the past going forward.

Tyler Ulis to Re-Write The Record Books

John Lucas thinks Tyler Ulis will re-write the record books if he is in college Long enough.

Danny Trevathan Back

The former 'Cat makes his comeback from a terrible knee injury

Randall Cobb Injury
Cobb suffered and AC join sprain, which is certainly minor... especially compared to the concerns of what could have been.

Return Of The King

SEC Football is back and the boys at Saturday Down South have released a hype video that is very apropos.

South Carolina and Virginia Tech to Honor Victims

The Gamecocks and the Hokies will be honoring recent tragedies.  The Charleston Church Shooting and the Roanoke reporter shooting tragedy.

Mike Epps is a Kentucky Fan

The Movie Star, Mike Epps was on campus hanging out with Coach Cal recently

Is the RGIII Era Over?

It looks like the brass is considering life without RG3... or at lest they did at one time.

Edwin Encarnacion is A Beast

The Reds essentially gave away Encarnacion, he has gone on to destroy it in Toronto.

Jake Arrieta No-Hitter

The Dodgers were no-hit by the Cubs Jake Arrieta.  Arrieta struck out 12 in a dominating performance and gave MLB its 2nd no-hitter in a 10-day span.


It is a lot easier to play golf when you simply knock the little white ball in on the first try, i would not know, but I hear that it is true.  Lefty Brian Harman decided to make that a reality when he knocked in TWO holes in one in the same round.  Amazingly this has been done two other times in PGA history.

Falling Skies

The SERIES Finale was last night for Falling Skies.  My wife and I have watched it from day 1 and really enjoy the show.  The Series Finale was last night and it was an absolute disappointment.  It is almost like the writers forgot they had another episode and threw it together Saturday night.  It is a shame too because it was a solid show that had a solid following.

RIP Wes Craven

The horror movie guru (Nightmare On Elm Street, Scream, The Hills Have Eyes) passed away at 76 over the weekend.  The nightmare on elm street series kept me up many a night in my youth.

Who Is Your Top 3 Laminated List?

There is an episode of Friends where Ross and Rachel have a laminated list of celebrities where no negative consequences would be involved.  My wife and I like to give each other crap over our obvious hypothetical fun "list."

I was curious who would be on your list?  Mine is below:

1) Halle Berry


2) Paula Patton


3) Shannon Spake