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Wildcat Chatter 8.30.2015

Talking 'bout them 'Cats.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Hot off the presses is a podcast recorded this morning between myself, new writer Kelli (@kellibeth), and The Blogfather Emeritus himself, one Glenn Logan. We talk for roughly 20 minutes about the upcoming football season. Specifically, we discuss the pro's and con's of playing true freshmen instead of redshirting them; we talk about the All-SEC preseason teams from a UK perspective; and I took the opportunity to get Glenn's thoughts on how the 2015 basketball signing class finished up.

We finish with Glenn and Kelli's predictions for the football season. Both are optimistic, and if you'll recall Glenn (along with Alex) predicted last season's 5-7 record accurately. So, he's got some street cred.

As always for our mobile users, I've uploaded the podcast to SoundCloud to make it accessible to the SoundCloud phone app. One need only search via the tags "A Sea of Blue" or "Wildcat Chatter".

Brief programming note: there will be another podcast published by mid-week involving James, Keith, and Coach Greenwell.

Until then, please enjoy today's offering.

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