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Kentucky Wildcat Quickies: NCAAF Kickoff and Summer Mixtape Extravaganza Edition

College football (finally) kicks off this week and summer is over for college basketball recruiting purposes, so it's mixtape season.

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The journey to the College Football Playoff begins this week.
The journey to the College Football Playoff begins this week.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

With NCAA football kicking off this week -- get your first national TV fix on Thursday at 9:00 p.m. EST with #2 TCU at Minnesota on ESPN -- your college football links are immediately below.  I aimed to restrict them to on-the-field stories as much as I could; however, it's still the offseason.

Two SEC teams (spoiler: not UK) are listed as part of Grantland's Matt Hinton's list of six teams poised to take that next step into national prominence.  I wouldn't be shocked if UK were included as part of this list next August.

The victim in former Baylor football player Sam Ukwuachu's sexual assault case has lawyered up for a potential suit against Baylor.  Maybe the litigation's discovery process will clear up all the "he said-he-said" ridiculousness between Chris Petersen and Art Briles.

Kyle Tucker's 5 burning questions for UK's 2015 season.

I can't believe I'm about to provide one of these writers with clicks, but check out this piece on Campus Rush, which has lots of positive things to say about WKU QB Brandon Doughty.

Is Georgia Tech a bona fide sleeper this year?  Dennis Dodd thinks it's possible and Kirk Herbstreit has them winning the ACC and barely missing out on the College Football Playoff.

Another weekend, another SEC player arrested...and another, both in Fayetteville.  Which leads us to your Tweet of the Day, immediately below, which indicates that 11 SEC football programs (including UK) are in the national top 25 for arrests over the past half-decade.  Not something to brag about.  In our defense, Mark Stoops' recent actions (especially Marcelys Jones' dismissal) indicate that he's determined to lower this number.

To quote my wife, "get your UK '16 target mix tapes heeeaaaaaaaah!"

Dennis Smith, Jr. (this is brand new and my favorite of the bunch)

Miles Bridges

Malik Monk

Udoka Azubuike (oh my word, I love this one)

Wenyen Gabriel (brand new)

De'Aaron Fox

Marques Bolden

Harry Giles

Although Thon Maker has fallen off most of the BBN's collective radar, watch this FiveThirtyEight/ESPN Films video on Justin Zormelo, a "personal stats analyst" who provides both amateur and professional athletes with personalized analytics.  Zormelo is currently working with Maker.

Zormelo has also worked with former NBA MVP Kevin Durant and others.  This is an extremely interesting example of the modernity of sports and how they're played now.

Here is, by far the best Darryl Dawkins In Memoriam piece I've read all week, courtesy of Charles P. Pierce.  Although his NBA career ended before I was old enough to pay attention, it seems to me that Dawkins' personality, athleticism, and playing style were really ahead of their time when you consider the current NBA and its stars.  Also, it's amazing to note that he played professional basketball as recently as 2000 with the IBF's (?) Winnipeg Cyclones.

Bleacher Report's take on the ups and downs of UK basketball's 2015 offseason provides no real surprises.  As usual, the ups significantly outweigh the downs.  And, as it turns out, I think most of us prefer Jamal Murray over Malik Newman and Tony Barbee, with his eight years of head coaching experience, is at least as good as Slice was.  So the downs...catalyzed ups?  I think that's an easy argument to make.

These dudes' worst dunks are better than those that have won recent NBA Dunk Contests.

The Uncrate "Amazing Thing None of Us Can Afford of the Week"Kahn Land Rover Defender 6X6

Designed and engineered for bosses only.

Sneaker of the WeekAdidas' Yeezy Boost 350 Black

Kanye West's newest design is pretty sick and now only available on the secondary market at a steep price.  A quick eBay check early this morning had auctions at $770 (43 bids), $660 (29 bids), among other unfathomable prices.

Finally, I'm sure you've been inundated with promotional materials for Netflix' new series, Narcos, like I have. It was all over SB Nation sites on Thursday and has been on ESPN and other sports sites since, but you have to check it out. Seriously.  If you don't have Netflix, get it for a month. I'm parsimonious with TV recommendations, but this one is truly fantastic.

It's based on the true story of Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Cartel in Colombia, which at one point had weekly wholesale cocaine revenues of $420,000, the mid-1980s.  This review from The Verge is on-point -- it's a blend of the best parts of "The Wire" and "GoodFellas."  Also, for you Game of Thrones lovers, Pedro Pascal (who played Oberyn Martell until...yeah) really impresses with a mustache that makes him look like Burt Reynolds.