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Kentucky Basketball: Would Tyler Ulis Make A Non-NBA Olympic Team?

Sports Illustrated took a look at who would be a good fit on an Olympic Basketball team comprised of non-NBA players.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Tyler Ulis is quickly becoming the worst kept secret in America, not that Coach Cal was trying to keep him secret.  However, the point is that more and more of America is jumping on the bandwagon... and can you blame them?

The Big Blue Nation loves Tyler Ulis, and we have for some time now.  Over the course of last season, anyone who paid attention to college basketball did too, thanks Louisville for the jump start.

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Sports Illustrated writer Jeremy Woo wrote an article putting together a hypothetical Olympic Team Comprised of non-NBA players.  They could be current college players, former college players that did not make it in the pros, NBA veterans no longer with a team, etc.

His Starting Lineup looked like this:

PG - Kris Dunn (Providence)

SG - Jordan Crawford (Free Agent, Former Hoosier)

SF - Dorell Wright (Free Agent, Former Utah Ute)

PF - Georges Niang (Iowa State)

C - Jameel McKay (Iowa State)



  • Luke Ridnour (Free Agent, Former Oregon Duck)
  • Tyler Ulis (Kentucky)
  • Ray Allen (Duh)


  • Devin Smith (Former UVA player)
  • Carlos Boozer (Free Agent, Duke)
  • Nigel Hayes (Wisconsin)
  • Anthony Randolph (Free Agent, Former LSU Tiger)

Here is what Woo had to say about our guy Tyler Ulis:


It is certainly an interesting hodgepodge of current and former talents, but I guess when you discount all NBA players that is what you get.  I love the fact that a guy like Ulis is getting the due that he deserves.  I cannot wait (but I hope it is years from now) to see what legacy Ulis leaves the BBN with.