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Kentucky football commit Kash Daniel dominates in win over Frankfort (video)

Arguably the best defender in the state of Kentucky, Kash Daniel was dominant on both sides of the ball Friday night.

Kash Daniel is a heck of a football player.

In case you didn't already know that, Daniel reminded everyone that's the case during Paintsville's 36-0 win over Frankfort Friday night. Daniel did it all for the Tigers as their starting quarterback and linebacker, finishing with 120 yards on 14 carries to go with a 53-yard touchdown pass and a game-high 16 total tackles and a forced fumble.

Here's a highlight of a 46-yard TD run he had, courtesy of cn2:

"I started up the seam and ran one kid over," Kash said of the run, via "Then I had help from my left tackle Tanner Miller — he kind of pushed me through the hole, and then one kid tried to grab my ankles and I high-stepped away from him.

"Great blocking, great execution from my offensive line."

The Kentucky Wildcats got a heck of a player in Kash, though they'll only want him playing linebacker when he makes it onto UK's campus next year. He certainly looks like someone who could be a Wildcat QB in short-yardage and goal-line situations if they need it though.