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Kentucky football poll: Sacks leader for 2015

Moving on to our next poll, we'll try to pin down who that sackmeister will be in 2015.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Big men dancing.

Nothing brings out the dance in a big defenseman like getting a sack, but most of the time, the sack was prettier than the dance. In any case, it can energize a defense and get a crowd roaring.

The overwhelming majority of sacks come from the defensive ends and linebackers, usually in some form of a blitz. Last year, the Kentucky Wildcats had bookends of Za'Darius Smith and Bud Dupree putting on the pressure, and they ended up #2 and #3 in sacks.

The current leader from last year that's back is senior Josh Forrest. Many are expecting Josh to return to the top as the sack-leader in 2015, but several new faces on the defense, some shuffling of personnel and version 3.0 of the Stoops/Eliot defense puts several players in the mix for this year's honor.

After reading up on the defensive backs, linebackers (here and here) and any news since then many possibilities arise, I'm expecting there to be a general uptick in the total number of sacks due to defensive improvement, but also sack generation coming from more than the outside rush.

So take a look through the poll and pick who you think will provide those season highlights. If you don't see your guy, check other and let us know your star.

As per the previous polls, this will close on September 4th.