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Bill Goldberg once fought UK fans; Brother hit fan over face with portable TV

We cannot confirm or deny the jackhammer was used on those unlucky fans.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

If you used to watch WCW or even WWE for a brief period, you might remember former world champion wrestler Bill Goldberg.

You may also remember Goldberg used to play college football for the Georgia Bulldogs during the 1980s before going on to find his calling in pro wrestling. He faced the Kentucky Wildcats several times on the gridiron, but his most memorable clash with UK came with some of their fans after a game.

Goldberg was a guest Friday on Kentucky Sports Radio to talk about the Project 58:10 Gala he’s hosting in Somerset. He went on to recall the story of how and his family got into a fight with fans after his Bulldogs played UK at Commonwealth Stadium in 1988. While it's hard to see few humans on this Earth having a prayer against him, Goldberg was doing it to defend his dad:

My brother is kind of like me and he had kind of had enough and turned around and said something to one of the fans and asked him to be quiet, and the fan said something my brother didn’t like and so my brother hit him over the face with a portable television. Hit him in the face with the television and all of a sudden, all heck broke loose. I had to climb the fence in full gear and fight off Kentucky fans because my dad had just had a quadruple bypass (surgery)."

This sounds like an episode of WCW, but it apparently really happened, and I feel sorry for whatever poor sap probably still has a portable TV embedded into his head. What I want to know is if Goldberg used his signature jackhammer on one of those unlucky fans.