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Wildcat Quickies: Mark Stoops Honor and Integrity Edition

Coach Stoops answers the bell on and off the field; Bud Dupree shows glimpses and more

Senior Jordan Swindle with a special camper
Senior Jordan Swindle with a special camper
Kyle Tucker

We all love our Wildcats and we are all excited with the start of football season.  Sometimes it is even hard to see beyond our blue googles to the goings on in the world outside of Big Blue Nation.  Mark Stoops and Kentucky Football did something Sunday that made me proud to be a fan.

Coach Stoops brought in athletes from the Kentucky Special Olympics and gave them a day they will not forget.  They got to hang out with the players all day and feel like college football players.  Coach Stoops gave those kids a gift that money cannot buy.  He gave them a day with no worries in the world, a day where they were the center of attention, and a day where the sun shined bright on everyone's Old Kentucky Home.


'The Practice'

Teams coming together over a singular event and bonding is not new, this has been going on for years.  The key is for that defining moment to be positive and become a stepping stone to bigger things.  Kentucky football had their moment on Saturday night... and it was good.

Stoops was not satisfied with the morning scrimmage and much like not 'going to bed mad', Stoops decided to fix it.  During the 6:00PM team meeting he announced they were going again instead of going home for the night.  A lot of times that type of decision can be perceived as a punishment and the players labor through it, counting down the minutes.

This practice was different, it was a turning of the worm.  Mark Stoops has flat refused to allow the demons of the past to interfere with his building of something special at UK.  This practice was another moment we will be able to look back at with reverence years from now.  Nearly all of UK's players were tweeting about the practice and how special it was.

Bud Dupree Doing Bud Dupree Things

Bud struggled in his first two games and even got kicked out of practice for fighting recently.  Since that incident, Dupree has progressed positively and put together a heck of an effort Sunday against the Packers.

Jordy Nelson Out

Jordy Nelson went down during the aforementioned game vs. the Steelers, the news later came out that Nelson is feared to have torn his ACL and would be out for this upcoming season.

The first inclination is that it will be more targets for our man Randall Cobb.  While that is a fact, it may not be the best thing for him.  Cobb is one of the best slot receivers in the game and having Nelson running around on the outside helps tremendously.

Vol For Life, Literally

A Tennessee fan decided to go ahead and get the latitude and longitude coordinates of Neyland Stadium on his bicep.  Every fan base has fans that get team tattoos that range from not bad to embarrassing... Not sure where this one falls.

Is Tiger Woods Done?

It is no secret that Tiger has been bad for quite a while now (for elite standards), and just when it looked like he might bust out and win the Wyndham he finishes four strokes behind Davis Love III.

Sunday used to be moving day for El Tigre, today was a day where he triple bogeyed and ended up losing any chance at a last minute push.  He also said his hip was hurting during the final round.

He is too good to be done done, but is he done being one of the best in the world?  Is Tiger going to be a guy we all end up looking at as the underdog instead of a guy we have all been waiting to come back?

Reggie Wayne To The Patriots?

Reggie Wayne is in foxboro and could become a Patriot after his physical.  I have to think Tom Brady would light up the scoreboard with Wayne.

'Fear The Walking Dead'

Did you catch the season premiere of Fear the Walking Dead?  I am a big fan, I do wish they would have cut the family bonding and set up time to about 30 minutes instead of 85 minutes.  Regardless, I do like how they set up a lot of the idiosyncrasies of the change from normal to zombie world.

One day the local park was bustling with people and the next it was nearly abandoned, missing signs going up randomly.  I think it is going to be just as good as the parent show, just in a completely different manner... if that makes any sense.