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Kentucky Wildcats Quickies: Angry Mark Stoops Edition

Stoops not happy with practice for the first time this season, Markelle Fultz isn't playing for his dream school, Towles on Paul Finebaum, and more!

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

In the past, Angry Mark Stoops has already reared his angry head by this time of the season, but with the enthusiasm surrounding this team and the improved play, it took a little longer than usual. But he finally did show up and it wasn't pretty.

How angry was he? "An unacceptable day on both sides," Stoops said. "We took a step backwards. That's one day we can't get back."

Luckily there is still time for the team to get back into the good graces of the coach. And we are now officially two weeks away from the start of the season. Let that sink in.

Tweet of the Morning

Coach Stoops gets it. Is that a thing? That should be a thing.

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