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Has the Louisville Cardinal lost his teeth?

Are things changing over in Louisville?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

While mascots have nothing to do with winning or losing, they are representative of a school’s athletic programs.

Kentucky has its wildcat, Clemson, Auburn, Missouri and LSU have their tigers, Alabama has their elephant. Florida State has their Seminole on horseback and Georgia and Mississippi State have their bulldogs. Louisville has always had their bird with teeth.

Louisville kicks off their season against Auburn in the Georgia Dome on September 5th. I'll be watching the 3:30 pm ET CBS telecast because both Auburn and Louisville are future opponents. If we didn't play both teams, I wouldn't watch. But, we do play both, so I'm watching.

The Auburn Tigers, Plainsmen, War Eagles are a team that could be playing for an SEC championship and, potentially, a national championship while Louisville's bird with teeth are projected for a third place finish in their conference division. Is Auburn that good or is Louisville that bad? Since Kentucky fans have an interest in both teams because we play both, this should be a must watch game. We play Auburn on Thursday October15 live on ESPN.

According to Card Chronicle, Louisville might (emphasis on might) win this game:

The verdict: There's no questioning that Louisville can win this game, and I'll convince myself by game day that there's no way they'll lose. I mean, the jerseys. That bird doesn't lose. But because we're far enough out for my brain to work right now, I have a hard time seeing this as a win. Both of the coaches here will have their teams ready, and it will be close, but I think Auburn prevails. I'll happily be wrong.

I might remind them that that bird didn't bring them an undefeated season last year. In fact, that bird brought them four losses to Virginia, Clemson, Florida State, and Georgia in the Charlotte, NC Belk Bowl. They came close to losing in their last regular season game against Kentucky 44-40.

Louisville, an Adidas adorned school, will be debuting new uniforms for the game. Auburn will be in their traditional garb. Clearly, this game is more important for Louisville. I suppose they see it as a statement game.

Louisville will be bringing new football helmets to the game and that is drawing much commentary throughout social media. The Louisville Cardinal is no longer showings its teeth which makes me wonder if those teeth of the past were false teeth. Frankly, I've never seen any bird with teeth before St. Louis and Louisville. The new helmets, apparently, are not impressing those who've seen them.

However, according to the Louisville Courier-Journal:

Adidas unveiled U of L's new "Uncaged Cardinal" uniforms for the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game on Thursday morning, a sharp look with white helmets, jerseys and pants and featuring a new, "photo-real, high-def" take on U of L's mascot, according to a news release.

U of L's release says the Uncaged Cardinal is designed to represent the football team's style of play : "fierce, attacking and always on the offensive."

Cardinal 1

College football fans apparently are not impressed nearly as much as Louisville fans who are now forced to defend the new logo. shows just how much mocking is showing up. One Virginia Tech fan says, "that Louisville helmet looks like an angry grandma sweater." An Auburn fan believes that, "pretty sure that's the bird you use to break ice in angry birds."

Another Auburn fan posted on Twitter: "are they trying to give people nightmares? if so they've succeeded." He posted a picture of a Cardinal (not Louisville) Christmas ornament. That's probably not fair to Christmas.

Over at Rivals Cats Illustrated is a thread devoted to the new helmet. For your reading enjoyment go here for some entertaining thought from Kentucky fans.

What, my ASoB brothers and sisters, do you think about the new dirty bird?