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Karl Towns with Kevin Spacey on Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show is awesome (video)

Last night, Minnesota Timberwolves rookie and former Kentucky Wildcats star Karl-Anthony Towns was a guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

The episode started out with Fallon and award-winning actor and icon Kevin Spacey playing a new game debuted called "Phone Booth" was introduced. In in, Jimmy and Spacey would go to head to head answering trivia questions, and the loser had a person shoved into the phone booth with them.

Towns happened to be one of the guys in the phone booth Spacey would get stuck with, because no one wants to be stuck in a phone booth with a 6-11 big man weighing 230+ pounds and probably smelling like an athlete.

Keegan Michael Key, Triple Crown Jockey, Victor Espinoza, and other celebrities end up making an appearance. It's great. Watch it here: