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Poll: Who will be Kentucky Wildcats' Reception Leader in 2015?

Who will be the top pass-catcher in Kentucky's offense this coming season?

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Our first poll covered our best guesses on who UK's go-to receiver will be for the upcoming season.

Early results had Ryan Timmons jump into the lead, but now that voting is tapering off Garrett Johnson holds a slim lead while Jeff Badet, Blake Bone and Dorian Baker closed in on Timmons.

This poll is just a quickie to finish up receiving before moving to running backs as we cover the offensive side. In this one, we'll use our crystal balls to guess who will be the receptions leader for the season. This list will use the top five from the first poll and add our surprisingly good freshmen tight ends,  C.J. Conrad and Darryl Long.

It's doubtful they will lead in yardage but could make a run at total number of receptions. While wide receiver receptions will be split among a platoon, Conrad and Long will be getting virtually all of the tight end work. On numerous occasions, offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson has reiterated his willingness to integrate tight ends in the offense if they're good.

Conrad and Long are that and then some.