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Why Suns should trade Markieff Morris for Terrence Jones from Rockets

If Markieff Morris' wishes were to be granted, the Suns should be aggressively making sure that the Rockets would include Terrence Jones in the trade.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The sudden debacle that has been Markieff Morris' outrage and demanding a trade from the Phoenix Suns has given light of many trade possibilities.

After the Suns had traded Markieff's twin brother Marcus Morris to the Detroit Pistons, Markieff became furious with the organization and made it clear that he no longer wants to play in a Suns' uniform. Markieff reportedly has no particular preference on where he would want to be traded. However, he did claim that he would very much like to play for the Houston Rockets, because of James Harden.

If Markieff's wishes were to be granted, the Suns should be aggressively making sure that the Rockets would include Terrence Jones in the trade.

Terrence, entering his fourth season out of Kentucky, had seemed to find a home with the Houston Rockets after being their first round draft pick in 2012. Starting 71 games in the 2013-2014 season, Jones seemed to be a lock at power forward for years to come. However, last season Jones was limited to 33 games and 24 starts due to a leg injury. Even when Jones did return and played in the playoffs, Houston went more with Josh Smith andDonatas Motiejunas in the starting lineup down the stretch.

Jones is already a gifted player and has he potential to grow into something special. When the Rockets were playing the Atlanta Hawks and Jones was going off, Hall of Fame player and Hawks' broadcaster Dominique Wilkins said on the air "This kid can ball; this kid is special." You just don't get to see much of Jones' potential though because the Rockets don't correctly utilize it.

The Rockets offensive system of shoot threes and attack the basket isn't one that Jones has been able to fit into; mainly because he is an isolation driver to the basket that can and will occasionally shoot mid range and three point shots. Therefore, Houston does not run any plays for Terrence at all; any production from him comes from what he does on his own with the ball in his hands.

Jones has been reportedly on Houston's trade block this summer, and the Suns have what the Rockets are looking for at power forward. Markieff Morris is a player that plays a lot on the perimeter and is an ok three-point shooter that can attack the rim aggressively. Markieff would honestly be an almost perfect fit in Kevin McHale's system, just as Terrence Jones would fit excellently with the Phoenix Suns.

The Suns have a lot of perimeter shooting, but not a lot of inside scoring. Slide Terrence Jones in at power forward, and it's instant rim scoring. Jones' perfect fit would be on a team with a lot of perimeter shooting and a center that won't clog up the paint; which paints the mold for Phoenix. Jones would have plenty of open lanes to attack the rim and work with his jump shot. Plus Jones adds solid defense and rim protection as well.

If Markieff really wants out of Phoenix, Terrence Jones is a player who the Suns could really utilize well to replace him. Plus, Jones can join the other four players from the University of Kentucky on the Suns' lineup, including his former Kentucky teammate Brandon Knight.