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Kentucky Wildcats Quickies: Puerto Rican Beatdown Edition

It's August and the basketball Cardinals are already getting beat down, WCS is unlocking his potential, the Wildcats may have a true freshman starting at the offensice line, and more!

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

It's not often around here that we headline the Quickies with a story about our bitter rivals, but in this case we must. In case you missed it, the Louisville Cardinals are on their international basketball trip in Puerto Rico Coach Rick Pitino is coaching the Puerto Rican National Team. He had stated that the Cardinals would "Rip their hearts out of their chest and stomp on them" when the two teams played.

Well, the Cards have played four games, two JV and two with their presumed starters, and they are 0-4 against the Puerto Ricans. Last night the JV team lost 79-77 while the starters were obliterated by 34 points 96-62.

Look, I know it's early, but I've been saying this for a while, Louisville isn't going to be very good. This international trip could be a disaster. A far cry from the fun the Wildcats had in the Bahamas last season.

And as a side note, the Wildcats hammered the Puerto Rican National Team in the Bahamas last season.

Tweet of the Day

Might want to get used to saying that, Rick.

George Asafo-Adjei has been turning heads in a good way at practice. The true freshman has been receiving praise from coaches and players alike. I would not count out the notion that he could start with the offensive line at some point during the upcoming season. That 2015 class may be much better than we had thought when it is all said and done.

The Lexington Herald-Leader sat down for a Q&A with Vince Marrow where the recruiting guru insisted that they are building something special at Kentucky. This is the year the corner is turned.

John Calipari with three of the best players in the NBA. And they are all former Wildcats. My goodness, Anthony Davis is huge.

And here is Cal with Turtle from the HBO show Entourage. Not a big fan of the show, but this is further proof that Kentucky is a team for the stars.

We all know around these parts that Rick Pitino is full of it. When his mouth is moving, he's lying.  Yahoo! Sports proves that Kentucky fans aren't the only ones that notice the fact that Pitino says ridiculous things. Here they detail all of the goofy, stupid, and hyperbolic statements made by the Cardinal coach. And Damion Lee, the player he said is a little better than Ron Mercer, had nine points last night. Ron Mercer he is not. highlights Mychal Mulder. Word on the street is that Mulder is a much better player than we had all thought and that he could crack the starting line-up. We all knew he was a sharp shooter, but his athleticism has been a pleasant surprise.

With the combination of veterans and talented youth, Eamonn Brennan thinks that Kentucky has a normal rotation.

Willie Cauley-Stein says he is unlocking more potential each day in Sacramento. We all love WCS and we also all know that the only thing that ever stood in his way was his own head. He has so much talent but sometimes we remember his lapses on the court. Hopefully he is past all of that.

Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan picked up the former Jets player that broke Geno Smith's jaw. Because he is Rex Ryan and of course.

If you are a fan of Quentin Tarantino movies, and who isn't, you have to be excited about this trailer for The Hateful Eight. That's a darn good looking cast if you ask me. I'm a sucker from a good, old school Western.