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The Sun Never Sets on Big Blue Nation

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Growing up in the Louisville area, I always appreciated being around Big Blue Nation. It was easy to talk to anybody about the games. I could listen to the games and radio shows over the airwaves. I knew what local station would be playing the exhibition games and Big Blue Madness. I was submersed. Being a fan was incredibly easy in the Commonwealth.

I had heard the phrase "the Sun never sets on Big Blue Nation" since I was little. On firsthand experience, traveling domestically and abroad, I was never surprised to see a UK shirt or hat across the street. While in Munich, Germany, I remember seeing a whole group of Kentucky fans crowding a table at the famous Hofbräuhaus. Hell, in Japan, there is a (poorly) themed UK restaurant dedicated to our Wildcats.

Even though it has always been clear to me how much Blue exists in the world, I can still be surprised. I have just moved from Louisville, KY to Providence, RI (Go Friars). As of this writing, I have been here for a total of 24 hours, and I've already had three people come up to me to comment on my shirt, flag, and car decal and how they have some connection to Lexington.

Verizon Installation Guy: "Noticed your flag, man. Good team. Most people think Cal's a cheat but I think he's an alright dude. I got a friend who has two daughters - one goes to UK and the other goes to UofL."

Guy on Reddit: "Hey, I can give you a table no problem. You said you moved from Louisville? My sister goes to UK in Lexington. Crazy fanbase."

My Landlord: "So you're from Louisville? I visit Lexington from time to time. Lots of blue. I think the winters there are worse than here in New England."

This has happened in less than 24 hours.

I'm excited to see who I may run into. I'm excited to see what opinion people may hold, if any, between the UK/UofL rivalry, Coach Calipari, and the weirdness of our fan base. However, where do I watch the games? Who can be trusted? These are all questions I need to answer while living away from the Commonwealth for the first time.

Are you in the New England area? Although a BBN Dating Website now exists, I'd rather hear what suggestions you guys may have in the comments for meetups, watch parties, and more. For those not in New England or Kentucky, what is BBN like in your area? How do you stay connected?

Now, if you excuse me, I have to send some annoying Rhode Island snapchats to my friends back home.