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Roundtable: Dakari Johnson, Andrew and Aaron Harrison's NBA roster chances

Second-round picks and undrafted free agents are rarely assured of a spot on an NBA roster.

We gathered the ASOB crew for their thoughts on Dakari Johnson, Andrew and Aaron Harrison and which do they think makes an NBA roster this year.

Keith Garrett

Andrew Harrison is the most likely to make a roster, in my opinion.  I think he has the ability to become Mike Conley’s backup. The path to that consists of beating out Russ Smith, Nick Calathes, and Ben Udrih, not very daunting at first glance.

Keli McDowell

In a perfect world, all 3 of them would make a roster. Dakari playing with Kevin Durant with Andrew and Aaron finding roles in Memphis and Charlotte. If I had to choose one, though, I'd pick Andrew. I think he can have the chip on his shoulder to an extent, just to prove to everyone that he can work hard, play well, and have a successful career in the NBA when he's had so many haters (here's looking at you Goodman).

Melissa Trouton

Andrew. I have no idea why he doesn't get more credit for his game. I think he'll surprise a lot of people.

James Streble

I think Andrew is in a really good spot in Memphis. Mike Conley is getting older and fought injuries this season. It looks as if Andre will have to fight Russ Smith for a roster spot, and if that's the case I'm taking Andrew all day. He has the size the NBA loves in it's guards and he proved he's a dynamic guard at the NBA combine.

Bradley Martinez

I think Andrew Harrison will suit up for Memphis and Johnson will dress as a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder this season.  Unfortunately, I think Aaron Harrison will not don a NBA uniform this season absent some catastrophic injury situation for a team.  He projects as a shooter in the NBA, and his shooting numbers during last season were meager.

In addition to the reasons I stated in my "toughest situation" question, I think Andrew’s team-friendly second-round contract keeps him on the roster.  His size and defense make him a project worth exploring, especially considering that both starter Mike Conley and backup Beno Udrih will enter free agency in 2016.

At the very least, Memphis will need depth at the position in ’16-‘17.  As for Johnson, he possesses intangibles that no NBA roster can have enough of – bulk, height, a well-rounded game, and power.  I expect Johnson to have a lengthy career as a third or fourth big option off the bench.