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Wildcat Quickies: Rajon Rondo Edition

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Rajon Rondo may be the latest former Kentucky Wildcat on the verge of signing a big NBA contract.

Though it will likely be just a one or two-year deal, Rondo is expected to sign with someone this week, and it looks like it will be with a California team. The Sacramento Kings are the heavy favorites to sign him, which means we could see Rondo dropping dimes to Willie Cauley-Stein and DeMarcus Cousins in Sactown.

The L.A. Lakers are also interested in Rondo if things don't go well with the Kings. Whatever happens, here's to hoping Rondo revitalizes his NBA career after being one of the game's best before tearing his ACL two years ago.

Tweet of the Day:

Lawd have mercy Julius.

Your Quickies

Kash Daniel makes his college choice Saturday.
Paintsville linebacker Daniel will officially realize his dream of making major college football this weekend when he picks between South Carolina, Louisville, and Kentucky. It's been a long journey for Kash and a meteoric rise from relative unknown to nationally-ranked recruit this offseason. Kentucky looks to be the school where he'll live out his college dreams.

An Interview With Paintsville’s Last Wildcat
Freddie Maggard talked with the last Paintsville product to sign with Kentucky. In 1987, Joey Couch was the last Tiger football to pledge to the Cats.  Couch was an All-State linebacker who also played tight end and fullback.  He talked about some of his favorite moments at UK, his take on the new Commonwealth Stadium, and the current state of the program.

Vince Marrow: "(High school) Coaches know we are straight up. We don't lie."
Kentucky football has slowly become a national recruiting force with the potential of having a top-20 class this year. What's led to the Cats' sudden rise in recruiting? Vince Marrow thinks it's the coaching staff's brutal honesty and not selling recruits on false hope.

Cavaliers reach out to Tayshaun Prince
The Former Cat is still getting them paychecks, and probably will for at least a few more years. After playing for several bad teams and non-contenders, Prince is probably looking to sign with a true title contender, and LeBron James will certainly help him do that. It's about time Cleveland signed a Kentucky boy anyway, so let's see this get done.

Carli Lloyd is the weirdest world class professional athlete ever
Midfielder Carli Lloyd has emerged as the star of the U.S. Women's Soccer team during their run through the World Cup. She scored the only goal in the U.S.' quarterfinal win against China and converted penalty kicks against both Colombia and Germany in the knockout rounds. Lloyd isn't your average professional though. She will annoy you to the point of rage, and then she will make the greatest clutch play you've ever seen.

The Internet Is Now Officially Too Big as IP Addresses Run Out
Behind any device that goes online, there's an IP address. These strings of numbers and dots act as unique identifiers for the devices and domains on the Internet and allow them to communicate with each other and send information back and forth. We're now running out of them.